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The future is being built today, and JBMS is making that future more productive, more secure and more sustainable. We create intelligent buildings, efficient energy solutions, integrated infrastructure and next generation automation systems that work seamlessly together to deliver on the promise of smart buildings, factories and communities. At its core, that promise is about delivering innovation that make people’s lives – and the world – better.

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Building Management Systems


Our insightful intelligent JBMS technologies are designed to listen to what a building is saying about its condition. They collect and analyze data and then provide insights on how to improve and control your building’s efficiency and productivity.

Boardroom and Corporate Office Solutions


Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it! Make your Office a “Smart Office”. JBMS provides cost effective and efficient office automation solutions through state-of-the-art hardware and software technology.

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Home Automation


Integrated Home Technology enables all technology in your home to seamlessly communicate together in an intelligent way to simplify your life. JBMS gives an experience that makes a smart home a JBMS home with a room that awakens with a single touch, an environment that adjusts to every mood and the peace of mind that come knowing your house is safe and sound.

Smart Heating, Cooling & Air Handling Solutions

JBMS Home Automation System puts you in charge of controlling everything from lighting, heating, to entertainment centres using nothing more than voice commands, a visual interface, or a mobile app and uses automation to create a truly smart home.

Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it! Make your Home a “Smart Home”.

JBMS offers

Smart Home Automation Solutions

Smart Heating & Cooling Solutions

An environment that adjusts to your temperature needs.

Smart Security Solutions

The peace of mind that come knowing your house is safe and sound

Smart Entertainment Solutions

An environment that adjusts to every mood.

JBMS Security System Solutions

Security Systems Installation & Services

Protect your home or office with our security system. We offer home and office security system installation that can be monitored with our elite monitoring service.

CCTV, Access control and Intrusion systems

JBMS provides sales, installation, service, inspection and maintenance of fire alarm systems and panels for all businesses.

Fire Alarms

JBMS supply residential automatic gates, commercial automatic gates, gate access systems, boom gates and intercom systems

Gate automation, Boom gates, Intercoms

Jedz Building Management Systems

UAV/Drone solutions

JBMS is a licensed and legal Drones operator in South Africa and the markets it operates.

UAV sales


We offer a wide range of UAV/Drones

UAV Repairs


We Diagnose, Repair and Return Your Drone. JBMS knows what they’re doing and works quickly to get you back in the air!
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UAV Solutions


JBMS provides Drone and UAV remote sensing applications and data processing services in industries such as agriculture, construction, mining and many others

Jedz Building Management Systems

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